A sad story of building inspection in Werribee


The importance of building inspection in Werribee can be perfectly judged from this sad story where a couple lost almost $54,000, almost their entire saving. 

Ron and Samantha are a good happy-go catholic couple. Ron works in a meat company as a sales executive whereas Samantha works nurse in a local community hospital. Both of them have absolutely no idea about the building or construction process.

Two years into the relationship, the couple decided to purchase their own house. After some research, they finalized Werribee as their new destination.  After few hiccups due to pricing issues, Samantha zeroed in on this 3 bedroom house in one of the peaceful. At the asking price, the property seems a bargain.

One of the main advantages mentioned by the agent was fresh paint and some other renovation and the couple was excited to save on the painting expenses.  Soon after the legal properties, the couple moved into the property and threw a decent house warming party.

After about one month, the couple starts appearing a crack in one of the walls, and in a few days, it stretches across the whole wall extending into the ceiling. The couple started panicking when the crack keep getting wide and spread to other sections of the house.

Worried, Ron consulted one of the local handymen who advised them to consult a professional building inspector. After a detailed examination, what the building inspector told Ron and Samantha was shocking for them. These cracks are there for a long time and are due to subsidence. The cracks were concealed with fresh paint and some clever renovation. It is a serious and expensive problem.

Suddenly all the things start making sense, the fresh paint and renovation were fa├žade to cover up these cracks. As the couple didn’t hire a building inspection for the property before purchase and it got them in this situation. Had they hired a building inspector, he must have identified this concealed problem.  With experience, they know what genuine renovation is and when it is to conceal the defects.

Well, the couple to have hire specialist to fix the cracks and subsidence issue. The repair cost comes out to be $54,000. They not only lost their every last bit of saving but also have to borrow more money. The one mistake pushed the couple a few years back in terms of finance.

Building inspection Council always advises having building inspection as a priority. It is a small investment (approx $500) that pays itself many times.

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